Friday, October 9, 2009

Just one of them days

I'm having a day. I don't know why. And it's days like these that I think to myself, "you are such a girl!" Mood swings. Spontaneous bouts of loneliness, totally lame. Wanting to turn off my phone to the whole world except for ONE person. Disconnect you know? I don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone because I don't want them to get my bad mojo. Who knows. And I'll take this time to thank God for making me a woman. That was said packed full with sarcasm.

Why couldn't I be a guy and be completely void of these feelings? Just sit there, scratch my nuts and watch a football game; completely content with my fuzzy balls and my beer. Actually no, I'd hate to be a guy. Cuz then I'd have to be macho and prove to the world my manliness. I'd have to buy a REALLY big truck and rev it really loud. I'd have to know how to do everything my WAY and ONLY my way. Eh, I'd have to have a penis. You can't "scissor" with a penis. LOL.

So this song cheered me up today. Mostly because it's how I feel today.

Who remembers that song?! SO gooood. Classic Macy Gray. Well most of her shit is classic cuz she hasn't come out with anything else.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night. I'm off to do something with myself.

Um. That sounded bad. Kinda perverted...but what I meant was, I am going to go do something to distract myself.

Okay, still sounds perverted. Is it just me? LOL.

- J


jane said...

cnt "scissor" with a penis....classic, I have to Fb this:)

jescas said...

did you facebook it?! get any good comments?!?! haha. id hate to see someone try scissoring with a penis.

just.awful. :]