Friday, October 16, 2009

F*ck homework...I'm checking out music online

Yeah, I said it. It's Friday night and I deserve to let my hair down a lil bit. So this is what I did: I cloesd my book and opened iTunes. AND guess what I came across....Tegan and Sara, their new album SAINTHOOD releases October 27th...that's just around the corner! Guess what I did? I pre-ordered it. Yes I did. An' another thing...Sara is fucking hot. I mean, I know all my fellow lezzies out there totally swoon over Tegan, but I think Sara is hotter. They swoon over Tegan like the Japanese swoon over David-fucking-Hasselhoff.


And in my online travels of trying to find the ridiculous picture above...I find out Germany ALSO has a thing for the Hoff! Unbelievable. What is it with this guy.


So good. Anyways, lets get back to Sara. The picture below says it alllllllllllll.


Yup. That JUST happened. I was searching for their songs on youtube and you can find about half of the album on there because they have been playing the songs live. Obviously the sound quality is crap, but you can still get a sneak peek :] As I was looking for songs, I came across one that Go ahead....let this marinate for a second:

Okay, enough of this shizzz. I am off to do homework, FOR REAL. No more blogging. No more browsing online for music. No more hunting down sexay pictures of the Hoff.

Happy Friday everyone!

- J