Monday, September 14, 2009

I have no title

I got nothin'. No title. Just a random post for tonight.

I find it so funny that being tortured and sad makes for much better inspiration than happiness. Maybe it is just me, but when I am sad and down I have SO MUCH more to write about. I suppose it is just how it goes. All I can say when I am happy is, "I am happy". Well, that's what I can say to the world. Its because I can't even begin to articulate how happy I am, so why even try? People wont even begin to understand. I have no problem telling the person who is making happy exactly how I feel though.

I can explain that the I love that little crease where their nose meets their face. And how that spot holds their skins smell. The way their side feels. You know, the spot right in between their ribs and their hips, that little curve, how it feels when I have my arm draped over it at night when we are both sleepy and falling into dreams. How their leg feels when we are laying facing each other, and it hikes itself up to pry my legs apart to rest in between. The feeling of unconditional love that comes when the car is parked, and I get a kiss. Just because we are stopped. And how that love makes me lose myself in depths of them that only I can reach.

But I think that is a little more than people want to hear when they are you? Maybe I should just print that on a little card. Oh I know, I can laminate it! I look for ANY reason to laminate something. :]

Normally, I don't listen to mainstream R&B hits. I mean they are great for a club, and a good remix is always good. But lately, I am all about them. Cuz they make me think of her. It is ridiculous! I love that kind of love where you look in the mirror and just go..."My god, you are ridiculous. This is crazy. Too good to be true" But it is. Then I remind myself, it's fate.

So if you see me on the freeway you'll see:
1. Windows down
2. Me smoking a Camel No. 9
3. Drinking some sort of Starbucks
4. Stereo playing either of the following: Birthday sex, I know you want me, Meet me halfway, Best I ever had, Be on you, Sex on fire, or any Dave Matthews band song where he sings about love.
5. Me screaming and singing along to any of the above.
6. I may or may not be dancing in my seat.

Just a warning. Don't point and laugh! Just remember....I'm happy! I know, its freakin' ridiculous.

Actually, I kind of did write a lot about happiness. Hmmm...maybe I was wrong ;]

I am RARELY wrong...seriously, but maybe this time I am. Relish it.

Bed time. Well not really bed, but I have someone very important to talk to, and I think she's up now.


- J

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highly melgeson said...

hey i liked this post alot. that's exactly what it's like.