Monday, September 21, 2009

Bareboned and crazy...for you

Okay I start this post with a disclaimer: I'm crazy. Just an FYI. Crazy for someone. I mean seriously, if you don't want to hear about it please don't read any further.

But really? I walk all day with this stupid grin on my face. And I love it. People tell me I am glowing...and I can't help but giggle. I honestly have never been so happy. I haven't even thought about any of that stupid shit that normally trips people up. Like, does she like me back? What happens if? What about her ex's? Will she like my mom? Does she like cheese as much as I do? If not, then can she tolerate my addiction? I mean nothing. Everything has felt right.

I am beginning to listen to my gut. My gut is telling me to react like I just won the lottery. Just enjoy. Don't ask why, or what if, just enjoy. And I am.

And why is it that every song I listen to seems like it was written from me to her??? Seriously. Okay most don't like Dave Matthews. But I personally love him. Every song I listen to describes exactly how I feel when she looks my way, smiles my way, reaches for my hand or kisses me on the side of my cheek.

It's all so cliche and "movie moment" but...its just how it is. Fuck, I don't even know where I am going with this. Open letter to myself, bla bla bla. Really hope that no one is reading this. Geez.

So here's a song...and I am adding it because I love this video and want to be able to easily come back to it if i want to watch it. Lol.

This is Dave Matthews' Crash Into Me. I can't embed, but here is the link. Those of you who don't like him, suck it, lie to me and tell me you love him. What I don't know wont hurt me ;]

From me, to her

Come this December I am going to Germany! That's right. Jessica does Germany. I am going to walk around with a camera around my neck, a map in my hand and a leather fanny pack. Snapping pictures and having conversations like this:

Random person: "Guten morgen!"

Me: "Nein"
Random person: "Was?"
Me: "Muschi"
Random person: "Muschi???? Ich habe gesagt 'guten morgen'"
Me: "Geburtstag geschlecht"

Random person: "
hört auf deutsch zu reden"
Me: "Sehr gut."

That's just a quick snippet of what is to come. Lots of laughs, lots of good times. I am pretty sure I'll get a little drunk while I am there ;]. And I for sure will get lots of her. I can't wait. Christmas in Germany, here I come.

Until then I say to you, "
Bis später"


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