Monday, June 22, 2009

So good

I love cheese. But do I love it THIS much? Hmm...bouncing through my day with the delicious aftertaste of cheetos on my lips? Some would say ew, but to that I say, what a delight!


Oh and on the way home I was listening to some old school Snoop and the lyrics were pretty raunchy. I was thinking to myself, what's with all this nonsense now-a-days about vulgar lyrics and so on...then I realized, its because white people never used to listen to rap music back then!!! Duh! Reminds me of when my dad HATED the idea that I wanted a Boyz II Men cd...ahh yes, Boyz II Men. And the cd I wanted? Their Christmas album. What did he think was going to happen to me listening to their soulful rendition of Noel?! I'd lower my car, throw in some hydraulics and a tiny steering wheel, and wear baggy pants with a red rag hanging out of my back pocket?? Really? Cuz I was gonna do that anyways, with or without the CD.

Also while I'm at it. This is for the silver mitsubishi on the freeway today. The lights on a car that you use to signal...they are also called "indicators". They are actually used to "indicate" to other drivers your desire to change lanes or to exit so you can do so safely. That's right! They're more than just blinky lights. How bout you remember that the next time your car is 3/4 into my lane and you turn it on for about 1 second. I'm sending you the bill for the next set of break pads I need, asshole. Oh're ugly.

Off to watch those awesome trashy VH1 shows I love so much!

- J

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Kizzie said...

I think most people like the idea of cheetos on their fingers, almost every single person I know licks their fingers after eating cheetos. I also love cheese, it's hard to eat any type of food without cheese.
I don't know how I feel about cheetos on my lips though!