Friday, January 2, 2009

My list

So most couples have the "freebie list". Such list means if at sometime, for some reason, god decides to be very nice to me, and the following ladies get so drunk, they think I'm Justin Timberlake or Johnny Depp and sleep with me, Diana can't get mad. After careful deliberation, I unveil to you, my celebrity freebie list:

- Kate Hudson

- Eva Mendes

- Pink

- Sarah Shahi

- Scarlett Johansson

People that came very close to being on the list, or might have been kicked off the list include:

- Charlize Theron.
I mean c'mon, yowza. She is truly beautiful, but seems a little too straight for me.

- Piper Perabo
She takes lezzy roles. She does it like its natural. And she looks damn fine doing it. But alas, not everyone can make the list.

- Rachel Shelley
Um. I don't know why she's not on my list. I may have to rethink some things.

Ugh, still sick :[ For christ sake, someone bring me some cheese!



Princesa said...

Awww your picture of pink is down. And dont forget Dolly Pardon is your freebie when ever u want her.

Kelley---Boom said...

No Angelina...

Solo said...

seriously ?? no Angelina??
nd no Sara Ramirez ??? oooor even Eva Longoria ?
ok...then must be smtg with me :)