Friday, January 2, 2009

Ah, my hero

Only veteran comedian Kathy Griffin can make a prostitute blush. For those of you NOT tuning into CNN for watching the ball drop [who really would anyway] this is what went down when someone mistakenly decided to heckle Kathy Griffin.

Brava. I know that people are probably outraged, but I'm sure those people laughed and nodded in agreement when they heard that. Right before they started typing out an outraged email to CNN headquarters.

There is this realness about Kathy Griffin. She is more real than those true life documentaries on MTV about "Head Cheerleader: It's no ra ra ra" or "Douchebag: its not all pooka shell necklaces and tattered abercrombie jeans". It's real life.

Welp I'm sick. I've got me a good ole sinus infection. That's okay, it just gives me a reason to OD on dayquil. Happy new year!


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