Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote NO

Okay so my gf is working on a paper for Proposition 8. First off, anyone who would actively go out of their way to work to DENY people the right to be with and marry who they want, they suck. No really. There are people out there, that I can't even swallow how they live their lives. The people they choose to be with. Not to mention religious fanatics that devote their time to putting others down, making impressionable people believe that anyone who is gay is a lesser person "plagued" by their homosexual lifestyle, all in the name of a "god" they call "all loving and all excepting". Is it the duty of "god's" followers to be mindless, soulless servants soldiering his words of love and forgiveness through degrading acts and hateful words upon a group of people through their rose colored glasses and their heterosexual world of privilege?

As I was reading, there are 1,400 privileges, both legally and economically, that heterosexual married couples enjoy and happily take advantage of. Some of the basic ones as "next-of-kin" during hospital visits, inheritance of estate in the absence of a will, domestic abuse situations, joint parent equality, medicare and social security.

I look at it this way, I like human beings that happen to have boobs, a vagina, shaved legs, that smell "heavenly". And straight women, they like human beings with a penis, two dangly things clinging on for the ride, hairy legs and chest, facial hair and that smell like wood shavings and axe body spray. I'm not asking you to sleep with women when I say, "let me love her" and I, by all means, wont be wishing to sleep with men when you say, "let me love him". Because isn't that what we do when we walk down the street and hold our partners hand? We are wearing this invisible sign that says accept me without shoving your morals and values down my throat". And I can promise, I will happily extend the same courtesy to you if you do the same for me.

You know how many douche bags I have seen holding this totally cute chicks hand? I see him turning around, staring at the other chicks, high fiving their buddies cuz they "just tapped that ass" and I look at her and say "you could do better". Just like they look at me and think "you have so much going for you, you could easily find a husband, you could do better". But it's not my place. In no other instance is okay for someone to force their opinions on someone else. If I see an obesely overweight person stuffing their face with endless quarter pounders, ice cream sandwiches and chili cheese fries from outback steakhouse piled high on their plate, it by no means would be okay for me to walk up to them and say, "Jesus Christ, slow down will you. God meant for you to eat healthy, so you can live a long healthy life. Start eating your vegetables". I'd be up shit creek without a raft for sure.

Anywho, point is, vote no on prop 8. And I promise that when I see little hottie with her douche bag boyfriend, I will respect her choice to be with whoever the fuck she wants to be with. Even if his name is Chad and drives a Silverado.

So I when I walk down the street holding my gf's hand, just look at me and smile, cuz I'm happy and that's all that matters.
I don't ask you to run around naked supporting it, but I ask you tolerate it, and let me do muh thang.

Alright, 'nuff of the lesbian thing, did you hear Lindsey got kicked off Ugly Better cuz she had a bad attitude? Even though she's muff diving, she's gotta clean up her act and be a good lesbian role model. Cause us lesbians, we hate dicks.

True story.



princesa said...

BTW I am against prop 8 its plain and simply discrimination. The end. Paper done. Yay. :)

jescas said...

LOL my cat.

you should have just turned that in.

and at the end in small print you could have said "wording? not cool."

the end.