Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vagina lift?

Um...yeah. You read it right. Apparently, people are having their vagina's, like, all, reconstructed and stuff. They say they are doing it for reasons like: "to make the outside more attractive" and "to reshape it after childbirth".

Lift my vagina please

Hmm...I've heard of back tucks, ass lifts, and ear pinning, but never a vagina lift. My question is, how many people are looking at your vagina that you need to have surgery to make it prettier, you whore?

But really I think my favorite part of the article was the title, "Designer vagina trend 'worrying'". You know I had to click on it.

My point is this: vagina's are beautiful. They're sexy. They make you feel like Christmas morning. They are the cats meow.

And if all you're doing when you're down there is staring at it, you've got a lot to learn.

So put on a bib, pull up a chair and get to work. If you wont, I will *wink wink*



Lyrikk Erinna Mashairi said...
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Lyrikk Erinna Mashairi said...

LMPAO! Indeed indeed (to the *wink wink* comment!) But really though...I've heard of vagina lifts and I must say, a stretched out vagina doesn't really look that appetizing. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little laser zapping here and there but only if your labia are sagging like the mother's tits from "Something About Mary". Otherwise, it's just a waste of money. Meanwhile, if your labia do look like the mom's tits from "Something About Mary," you scare me.

Princesa said...

Everyone was saying that Lindsay Lohen needed a vag lift, when the pic of her vag hit the internet. Lol! Wasnt aware that there was such a thing.