Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you, Mr. Pitt

Apparently, Mr. Brad Pitt is all about the gay marriage. Pitt donated 100,000 dollars to help the fight to save gay marriage. Pitt said he was surprised that there were not more celebrities helping the battle against proposition 8. I think Angie had a little something to do with this. Usually, when they donate money it is as a couple; as Mr. and Mrs. Pitt. But this time it is just Pitt alone. Hmmm, I wonder if Angie enticed Brad with a new car....or a hummer. And no, not the big SUV. The other kind.

Thats a damn shame, because she's pretty hot. Starting to get a little overrated but, hot is it not? Speaking of hot....that reminds me...

You know Oprah's gay scale? The one where she says that it is not all just black and white, either gay or straight, but rather that we all have a percentage worth of homosexuality and heterosexuality combined. Well my scale is like 95/5. Meaning 95 percent gay and 5 percent straight. Well Brad pitt is right in there on that 5 percent. There are only 3 men I would go straight for. And they are:

1. Brandon Boyd

yeah....he can go ahead and keep that hat on...

2. Brad Pitt

Gimme gimme more...gimme more...gimme gimme more...please.

3. Sarah Shahi

Shit, how did that get in there. Mmm, who cares.

Oh well, guess its only two guys. Heh. :]

In other news, Chloe had gotten really sick but is home now, and feeling much much better. No really, she told me so herself. And she farted last night when she was sleeping next to me. Thats when I knew she was feeling just dandy.

It's 11:30 and I'm hungry and feelin feisty.....hmm...

Hope you have a good one! :]



princesa said...

I would go straight for Justin Timberlake, he totally smiled at me outside of a parking garage in San Jose, if you dont believe me ask Akshay he was there.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen. That's it. Hi by the way.