Wednesday, August 13, 2008


If I hear another story about animal abuse or animal cruelty, I swear to everything that is holy and on my father's grave I will track down whoever is responsible and beat the every loving shit out of them. I posted a bulletin on myspace about a dog that was taken off the streets and then chained to the wall and starved to death in the name of "art". *ahem* That is not art. The artist says that the dog would have died anyways, but in my mind he had no right to play god. There is no telling that someone would have taken that dog in and gave it a home and a LIFE. Or that he would have found a dumpster and stayed alive a little longer. The point is the same suffering the artist claims he was talking about was the same exact suffering he put that dog through. And the sad thing the artist could have made a difference and saved the life of that dog. If thats not enough, written on the walls in DOG FOOD were sayings. And people just sat around and watched this dog die.

So as you can tell I was pretty disgusted by this, me being a dog owner. Well no, fuck that, I was disgusted by this being a HUMAN BEING WHO VALUES LIFE; especially the lives of helpless animals and humans. So I open up the aol homepage today to get a scoop on the latest headlines and I come across this:

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Here is a story of 360 animals that were living in conditions that were not even fit to be lived in. They found 15 animals dead on the property. This is what I have to say.


With that being said, I say we all hold back on that extra round at the bar, skip eating out a couple times a month, and send that money to organizations that can make a difference for helpless animals such as the ones you can read about above. That is what I am going to do. IF you would like to help check out the link below:

Click here if you would like to make a difference

In other news, its hump day! Middle of the week, Wednesday, half way through, so enjoy!



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You are so fucking right >_<
Have been reading all your posts lately, I love it :]


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