Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This Sounds Just Right...

Good, good time tonight
Don’t it sometimes feel as if the world is turned upside down
And you’re standing on the edge
Trying to make the most of this
Kind of makes you feel heavy
Don’t it sometimes feel like you’ve got too much to bear
Well lay it at the door my friend
Come inside, and lets have a good, good…
Good, good time tonight
Try to forget it all
Cause it’ll still be there tomorrow
You can be sure
It’ll still be there for us all
Let’s have a good, good time tonight…
That’s what I preach
You can leave your problems
Aw, we’ll come back to teach about the fun that lies in a good, good time
Close your eyes, take it up, take it up
Leave it behind, leave it behind
Dance the night away
Till we hit the bottom of this bottle
Roll it up, roll up another one
And let’s have a good, good time tonight…

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