Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is ME Exuding "Niceness"

Let me just start off by reminding you guys that I am weird. Weird random things piss me off. Just the sight of them. For instance, yellow smiley faces. Douche bags. Cans of soda that are made to look and sound like name brand soda, but soooo aren't.

Okay, I understand that not everyone can afford name brand, or just don't care and like to save a dime or two. Whatever floats your boat. But do these companies really feel the need to make their product almost identical to name brand? There's no point in this. People who are buying the knock off know they are buying a knock off and for good reason. Don't be an ass and insult my intelligence by putting Aunt Jemimo syrup on the shelf next to Aunt Jemima. And have Aunt Jemimo have slightly smaller tits and a little bit saggier ass. All it does is for the next six months (does syrup even expire?) is remind me, every fuckin time I open up my cupboard, that I got Aunt Jemimo. She's not nearly as hot as Aunt Jemima. And let's face it, she's a little slutty.

Hmm so tangents are cool. Moving back to the point. I'm starting a petition to do away with the playboy bunny icon. I'm sick of it. It's so uncalled for. And who the hell decided it cool in the first place? Does having it tattooed on your ass make you hot? Absolutely not. And it sure as hell doesn't make you one of Heffner's ladies. It just makes you a knock off brand. So fuckin stop it already.

And while I'm at it, something else that makes me sick is the As Seen On TV bullshit. Seriously?! It's all just CRAP. Like really, some guy was sitting at home and wanted to make it rich. So he was like, "Hey, I don't really want to work hard for my money, so I'll just come up with some crap that people will want to buy. I'll hire actors to do testimonies on how much they love my product, and money will just fall on my lap". I refuse to support those jerk off's. And seriously, I can't even look at their website without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a spork.

This site rules me.

I'm off to watch a movie and harass people via text. It'll be glorious.



th-Inker said...

*mumbles* no one harasses me with texts....

They told me, from random things to do, to shave half of my head. I think that is glorious, and will have to soon....

consonantvowel said...

I think playboy bunny icon tattoos are possible THE most tacky tattoo in the history of ink on skin. It's like a big flashing light saying 'I love myself and you should love me too! Also, I'm a big slut!' Just...no.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! i completely agree those crappy own brand things get on my nerves too.. and they don't taste as good either...and playboy is fucking tacky anyway...and I for one would never wanna be seen with some blonde bimbo with fake boobs.. ick!

jescas said...

haha yes they are tacky! grrrrr.

would you guys really sign a petition???


Noha said...

So I'm all for you exuding niceness and all... but.. what's it gonna take for you to exude those clothes onto my floor.

Just curious :|