Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Things

So here's a little randomness for your Wednesday...

Random Websites:

At work and you forgot your ipod at home? Yeah happens to me all the time....navigate your ass to

Ebaums's World. Hilarious soundboards that you can use to crank call people. They also have recordings of the soundboards being used. My favorite is of our "Governator" Arnold.

Random Lyrics for your head on hump day:

I was feelin’ like a creep
As I watched you asleep
Face down in the grass,
in the park, in the middle
of a hot afternoon
Your top was untied
And I thought how nice
It’d be to follow the sweat down your spine

You’re like my best friend
aw after a good, good drunk
You and me wake up and make love after a deep sleep
Where I was Dreamin’, I was Dreamin’ of a

Random Song Remix:
Tegan and Sara - Walking with a Ghost (The Rentals Remix)

****I found the "crash into me" remix that I wanted to post on here earlier, but didn't because I couldn't find it. I love it :]

Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me (Remix)

Random Facts:
-The clock in my car is 23 minutes fast.
-I put vaseline on my lips at night so they are super soft when I wake up.
-I have perfected the high five. Trust me.
-I have the
sexiest pack of gum you will ever see.

Random Loved picture:
Me and my Grandma playing at an arcade. I love her face.

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Happy Hump Day!


Jen said...

It is! It is Papi!!

princesa said...

You look amazing in this pic! We must go to the arcade soon!!!!