Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kashi GO Feck Yourself

I’m kind of on a health kick. Startiiiiiiing...........

Well technically, I was on this “health kick” yesterday during the day, buuuuut then Jess went out and had some drinks. I ended my night with water though! Who the hell am I kidding, that doesn’t mean a damn thing. But it is a start.

So I’m on this health kick right? I had a slim fast and this special k, frosted flake, no corn starch, fatty acid, low carb, one-bag-only-contains-5-pieces fantastical snack for breakfast. THEN, cruised over and got some water. Being sure to pass by all the cookies and frosted snack cakes lying around work. And at lunch I had a Cajun chicken tostada salad thing. And now I am chomping on some fruit. That’s good right? I know the day is young, but my goal is to have soup for dinner and be totally full. Doubt it’ll happen. You’ll probably find me at La Vic’s tonight knee deep in cheese quesadilla’s with melted cheese stuck to my cheek.

They say one way to help lose weight and tone up is to keep a diary or a journal of all the things you eat. So I got this little 2008 planner and I have been writing down everything that passes my lips. Well not everything that passes my lips. *stares off while imagination runs wild* Nevermind. But the problem with this journal thing is I’m logging all the awesome food I’m eating and then reading about it later. And I find myself going “Damn, those cheese enchiladas were hella good…..ohhhh then I had a cookie. That’s nice. And it was chocolate chip too. What else did I have….hmm…….oh shit, I did have those three babybel cheeses. Fuck, now I’m hungry”. Not. A. Good. Idea. Unless you eat nothing but tofu and onion rings. Then in that case, log away my friend because who the hell wants to go back and read about that?!

It is true. Ms. Dewey is Papi from L word. I invite you all to just sit around and watch that damn search engine. She’s hella hot. Lord, oh lord.

I’ve got crap to do, including logging all my wonderful food today. Then I am going to In The Company of Dogs to spoil the hell outta Chloe. So I am going to head out but I leave you with this:

You’re Awesome. *high fives you*

Magical. I know, I felt it too.



Brenna said...

You know I had wondered where Papi went...

th-Inker said...

High five to you! My Monday just got better (even though watching last nights episode will really make my night)!! How did I miss this post last week I wonder...

jescas said...

hey brenna and peter...

my loyal readers!

i am so thankful for the ones that keep coming...back again.



Princesa said...

After reading this blog I was kind of curious about Kashi. So, today at lunch I drove to Target (the one in front of renegades) and purchased a Lime Cilantro Shrimp because the picture on the box looked delicious but then I open it and it looked like rat droppings. I was disappointed... but I dug in and was pleasantly surprised. Stuff is actually pretty good... Thank you for turning me on to it a healthier lunch alternative. :)