Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Playground Love

*listening to Spoon’s “They Never Got You” and sipping tea while thinking about stuff*

How is everyone? I am in work early today. I must say I DO like getting an early start to my day. But that’s only after I am done bitching to myself for being up this early and actually getting a roll on things. I don’t like waking up this early, but I do like the notion of getting shit done early. There is only ONE way that I actually enjoy being up this early. And it doesn’t require me getting out of bed, or in some instances even opening my eyes. In fact I’d rather keep ‘em closed. It’s more fantastical that way :]

I had a very good night last night. It was simple. Simple is good for me right now. But one thing I did not do was make out Christmas cards. FUCK! They probably won’t reach some of my family until after the New Year. But it’s the thought that counts right?! I’ll just tell myself that.

So a while ago I was talking to someone about first loves, second loves, third loves and so on. And we were discussing the difference between first loves with a man and first loves with a woman. Is it possible to have a first love with both? I mean, our heart is a heart. It doesn’t know the difference between a man and a woman. Shouldn’t our first love be our first love regardless of their sex? And if the next love happens to be a person of a different sex than the first, does that mean you experience first love again? I feel like, if my heart yearned and ached the first time, it doesn’t matter who the second person is. My first will always remain my first. I’m sad we broke each others hearts the way we did, but he’s a good person, just not good for me.

[subject change] I’ve been meaning to ask what you guys thought about all that.

I notice that when I have my ipod on shuffle I skip over the same songs all the time. I compiled a list of songs that I found I NEVER skip over. I could be in the middle of eating cheese, sitting in traffic, or even, groping some breasts and I will never skip over these songs:
- Why You Wanna- T.I
[I think it’s so cute how he says “love”]
- Since You Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson [turns me on when she says “shut your mouth”. Just for that I’d keep on talking]
- Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics
[it always picks me up]
- To Zion- Lauryn Hill [I look forward to the day I can relate to this song]
- Pretty Little Thing- Fink
[it’s just cute]
- Please Forget- The Hourly Radio
[the closest to liking the 80’s I’ll ever get]
- Frozen- Tegan and Sara
[duh. They’re awesome.]
- Breathe Me- Sia
[I listen to the whole song just to hear the music stop and start again at 3:00]
- Old Dirt Hill- Dave Matthews Band
[the lyric “the first time I kissed her I lost my legs”]
- Jane Fonda- Mickey Avalon
[makes me want to shake my ass]
- Sugar (Gimme Some)- Trick Daddy
[reminds me of one of my favorite things]
- Sideways- Citizen Cope
[his voice]
- Warning- Incubus
[it reminds me of the video and Brandon looks HOT in it.]
- Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band
[c’mon now. lyrically one of my favorite DMB songs]
- What it Feels Like- Lola Ray [its rock and roll sex.]
- You Got Me- The Roots feat. Jill Scott
[simply put: the roots and jill scott]
- The Kill- 30 Seconds to Mars
[I like when he says face. lol]
- DOA- Foo Fighters
[the lyric: “made you come clean in a dirty dress”]
- One Piece at a Time- Johnny Cash
[its fuckin funny]

Try to enjoy your Wednesday! It feels like Thursday to me. FYI: I answer the phones at my work and I find that I am sounding more and more like the lady in Office Space. “Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking….just a moment.

Happy Humping to you all! If you don't have someone to hump, then hump a wall. That's what I'll be doing!



Brenna said...

Love is love, whether it's with a man or a woman. I totally think you can have a first with both. I also think you can have multiple "firsts." No two relationships are the same and you might experience and feel things with one that you might not with another. The heart is a tricky little beast. ("The heart is a twisted thing, not to be searched out by man: who is able to have knowledge of it?" Jeremiah 17:9)

I enjoy the title of the post btw. You know how much I love the playground!

Sarah said...

i think the concept of romantic love is endlessly fascinating. i fall in love easily. i'm picky in the beginning but once i've chosen to be with someone, it's only a matter of time. and i was in love with my first boyfriend, but every time since i've thought and said "this time feels different." and it always does. i think maybe i analyze it too much; maybe some people don't analyze it enough but i think analyzing it TOO much is worse. the thing is...i don't really have fond feelings for any of my ex's. exes? i don't know. anyway, that's not ENTIRELY true. my most recent ex actual boyfriend, i do think he's a good guy and i do have some good feelings still towards him. but for the most part i just don't care anymore and the good feelings didn't stay with me at all. i can't at all relate to always loving someone you were once in love with, or never really getting over your first love. for me i feel like that's bullshit. so i just think that everyone's different, i guess. or maybe i've never been in true love before. i know that i love my current boyfriend, but i think only time will tell how that love develops. i know i've gone off on a crazy tangent here. sorry. hahaha.

merc said...

I met Mickey Avalon lol.
And he kissed me.
I'll have to send you a picture in the next email.
Good taste in music by the way.

Caia said...

Or hump me instead!

Angel said...

Awesome "never skip over" list...I love Breathe Me and often listen to it at least 3 times in a row!

Happy Humping!