Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh my

A week ago or so I posted a bulletin on myspace telling you guys about the OhMiBod. It's a vibrator that plugs into an ipod that literally does you based on the rhythm of your music. Okay, so thats all sunshine and rainbows and what not. BUT my friend Jennifer sent me a link to a website that is in the business of showing hot ladies using the OhMiBod. They have an awesome section called "Club Vibe". Here you can use itunes to create your own playlists to upload and share with others. You can also download playlists from other users. The Top 5 [cleaverly named] playlists on Club Vibe right now are:

1. "The Lazy Geisha"
2. "A Little Hip Hop Inside You!!"

3. "A Little More Upbeat...POP!"

4. "Dance in your Boom "Box""

5. "Dark and Goth for your Inside"

Wait. There's more. Also from OhMiBod comes BodiTalk and BodiTalkescort. *pauses*
Wow, so I'm just going to post the item descriptions and you guys do with it what you will.

BodiTalk: A whole new way to talk and play
BodiTalk is activated by calls made to or from your cell phone when in close range. The cell signal triggers a unique 3 pattern vibrating sequence that lasts for the entire call – enabling you to "get off while you’re on."

BodiTalkescort: Be heard not seen
Boditalk escort is the perfect vibe to keep hidden in those secret places and will turn any call into an orgasmic surprise. Its discreet design makes it the perfect companion for passion on the go. Also converts to manual multi-speed vibe...2 products in 1!

I can't believe the technology these days. Who would of thought, like way back in the Titanic days, a cell phone or music would be able to like, do you. Soft or hard. Whichever you choose.
I really have nothing else to say; I'm speechless. This is crazy fantastic.



highlymelgeson said...

kind of cool, but kind of sad at the same time that people aren't getting it enough in their personal lives that there's a demand for travelling vibes... I do like the idea though of the music thing.

Anonymous said...

my ohmibod was the best birthday present ever!!! i love it, sex toys do not have to imply a poor love/sexual life. people have the right to feel pleasure whenever they want to!!

jescas said...

oh so you actually have one, anonymous?

so you love it?

i am very, very tempted. :]