Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Need Anything from the World?

One of my coworkers asked me that earlier today. I think it is probably the most fantastic question I have ever heard. She was implying Starbucks or cheese but all I could do was laugh because of all the crap that filled my head. One thing that I have found I miss seeing is douche bags. The sightings have been few and far between because I go so far out of my way to avoid them. But now I miss the little fuckers. I would love to spot some holiday douche. I want Kevin’s draped in garland and Mark’s wearing Santa hats. Don’t be surprised if you find me lurking all creepy like at the front doors of Dick’s Sporting Goods or making a late night drive by Napa Auto Parts. I want the smell of exhaust and the sight of oversized cubic zirconias from Mervyn’s in my face. *sigh* I think I’m sad.

You know what else I miss? My damn computer! Grrr. Geek squad still has it and I am getting impatient. I miss blogging whenever my heart desires. I miss getting lost online until the wee hours of the morning. Now that I have a video ipod, I really miss itunes. AND I can’t wait to download the Sims 2 back onto my computer. I miss playing that game. You know what’s fun? Making a girl Sim hit on another girl Sim. I was curious if they would actually have the option of having sex and they do! Hehe, leave it up to me to act like a 13 year old boy, huh? There are even people online who create different skins to resemble
L Word characters. So when I get a chance, I am going to download myself a Bette and see how well my Jessica Sim and Bette Sim get along. *wink wink*

I tried doing Christmas cards last night but I just didn’t have the energy. All of my addresses are lost and I would have to call or text everyone to get their address, so as you can tell I was not motivated. My question is, do people really care if they get a Christmas card? I mean, really? It seems like it means close to nothing when you send one to someone but when they don’t get one, its blasphemy. Well people are not getting Christmas cards from me this year. So Happy Holiday’s from me and Chloeface.

So this is what I want from the world:
-Holiday sightings of douche bags.
- My computer back so I can download TS2 and make all the Female Sims hit on each other
- A special someone to kiss under the mistletoe and eat melted cheese with.
- Everyone special in my life to get what they want for Christmas. No matter what it is.
- Cheese, chocolate and Kelly Clarkson wearing nothing but chucks and a vintage t shirt laying in my bed.

That’s TIT. I’m simple. So I expect you’ll make it happen.

I thought this was funny:

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Aight bitches. It’s that time of the week again. “National Reminder You’re Not Getting Laid Day” i.e.: hump day. Enjoy yourselves.


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aimeetoons said...

LOL!! I love the capri pants toon.
Hmmmm,I was at the mall the other night and saw many a douchebag, but I was sadly unequipped to capture these beasts in pixel form. (nope, not even on my phone. I'm still living in the dark ages)
Just know, they're out there. Doing their last-minute holiday shopping.