Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lesbian Jumping Jacks

Hmmm...Lesbian culture. It’s much more than L Word and tank tops ya’ll. I was yearning to learn. So I decided to go to Google and type in “lesbian culture”. I clicked on the result that said “lesbian life, lesbian culture – top picks”. It brought me to a page on I have used this site before to look up some stuff but I didn’t think they had a lesbian section. I was brought to the author’s top ten all time favorite lesbian movie list. Check it out queer…I mean here.

Also I find it hilarious how ads are geared to advertise things they think we would like based on our search criteria. So listed on the side under the “Most Popular” tab is a list of the most popular searches about lesbians on The list is as follows:
1. Famous Lesbians…….okay, cool.
2. Oral sex…….good call. *nodding* better than an oreo dipped in ice cold milk.
3. Her first lesbian sex…….mmkay, that’s a little personal. But I like story time so, whatever.
4. G-Spot……I know where that is, do you?
and my favorite *drumroll*…
5. How to fist…….awesomeness.

What I don’t like are the ads on myspace. “ARE YOU EMO?! FIND OUT HERE”. Gee I’m sorry myspace I can’t, cuz my hair is covering my eyes and I colored in my monitor with a sharpie cuz I love the color black so much. Pretty LAME. I do love high school emo kids though. They are my fave. So cute with their tight little itty bitty pants, checkered vans and hanes hoodies with safety pins. I just want to hug them.

Okay I’m hungry. Its lunch and I am in desperate need for some cheese. Melted. With bacon. Fuck sex, that sounds fantastic.

I take it back. I don’t want to fuck sex. I want it...and looking at the new season 5 LW promo I am going to get it!

If you haven't already seen it...

Song obsession of the day:
Three Seed by Silversun Pickups.


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makeout central said...

Yeah, so I just found this, as I emailed you the other day. I have noticed your obsession with cheese goes above and beyond anything I myself could ever accomplish. Amazing really. I think you've got me beat. In college we used to eat whole blocks of cheese (cold) along with a few 40's and we thought that was badass. You do it hot with bacon... hahaha....