Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Wear Your Sex Upon My Sleeves

I have big sleeves. Like Stevie Nicks. This post is coming to you live from my office chair. I’ve had some stuff saved on my blogger so I am throwing it in here as we speak. I have to keep the good stuff coming to get you guys to come back right? *sets out a tray of assorted cheeses* There you go. Come back now ya hear?

**If girl on girl talk makes you a little uncomfortable, two things. One: stop reading here, because the stuff below is for people who can handle that sort of stuff. Two: Don’t watch the “Oh My God” Pink video below.

So I am in the middle of reading this book that Noha got me. It’s called “Same Sex and the City”. It is written by Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer. It dives right into lesbian culture and shares the lives and coming out stories of lesbian women. I love this book and I even read it in the car on the way to work this morning. DON’T worry! Your mom was driving me to work and I was in the passenger side. And let’s just say, I know the backseat and your mom like the back of my hand. Back to the book, here’s just a few of my favorite parts, just to give you a taste:

Lauren Levin talking about when she realized she was gay:
“The next day Anna and I took her dog up the mountains. It was undoubtedly one of the happiest days of my life. It was the day I found the missing puzzle piece. I found my future. Happiness was indeed possible. I wanted what Anna and Deidre had. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the woman of my dreams I wanted to have children with my best friend, my lover. Never before did I know a normal life was possible as a gay woman. I realized that everything I didn’t think I wanted, I actually longed for. The only difference was that I wanted to share this life with a woman, and not a man.”

True, true…..don’t we all?

First time pointers:
Be the tortoise, not the hare: You’ve got all night to make love. Tease her with your touch. Undress her slowly. Appreciate each inch of her soft skin. Kiss her stomach. Take in her scent. Fondle her breasts. Kiss her neck. Caress her inner thighs. Take in her smell. Massage her ass. You want her desperate for your touch, to feel her shiver. Lay your naked body on top of hers. Foreplay with girls is incredible. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had before you ever even touch her down there. When she reaches her breaking point, and just can’t seem to handle it anymore...go for the least when you’re with a woman, size is never an issue.”

Amen to that. I think I need to read that paragraph…umm…again. Slowly and a little to the left.

Lauren Blitzer talking about her first time:
“I felt a magnetic pull toward her body as she inched closer to mine. I looked into her eyes as she placed her lovely hands on my hips. Our eyes met and we kissed. It was warm and beautiful. My body tingled. I pressed my hands on her, pulling her close to me. We stopped for a second, and I snuggled my face in that space between her shoulder and her neck. It fit perfectly. I stayed there for a while. She wrapped her arms around me and we stood there enjoying the feel of each other.”

Like a puzzle piece. *sigh* That paragraph is refreshing. I know I will have some arguments here about what I am about to say, but its hard to find a man that can feel all the emotion it takes to be that vulnerable with someone as these women were with each other.

So if you guys have a chance, check out the book! I’m only a third of the way through but I am loving it so much.

I have a Tegan and Sara concert tonight in Berkley! I am super stoked. I promise I will take lots of pics and be super lame and post them on here.

For now, I am off. I hope all of you enjoy your Thursday! Remember when Thursdays on NBC used to be awesome?! All the Friends and Frasier. And I think, Will & Grace!

Last night I watched Death Proof by Quentin Tarentino from the Double Feature Grindhouse. Vanessa Ferlito. Damn.


I’m out betches.



th-Inker said...

lol, you're awesome. my book list is too long to catch up with, but i'll definately have to check it out...

...And You Bleed Just to Know You're Alive... said...

the concert was yay for a million encores and beautiful women!!

Anonymous said...

that book is amazing!

merc said...

I might have to check that book out.
Love the Liam Sullivan thrown in at the end lol.
I love his videos.
Oh my god! SHOES!

Angel said...

Definitely going to check that book out! Thanks for the Vanessa vid! HOT!