Monday, November 19, 2007

Case of the Monday's?

Can you believe it's only Monday?! Thought I would share this with the rest of you all to make you laugh.


Hope everyone has a good week! If I don't post before Thanksgiving, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

OH MY GOD.... damn right. This makes me cry it's so hot. Pink's "Oh my god"

Arlan said she posted this so I am just sharing the love and passing it on...But I ganked this from Bridget :] She's hot ya'll. And has this awesome vid on her page which makes her one of my favorite people!

My girls from Sac left today and we had some good times last night. I will have pics soon I am sure. *AHEM* And tomorrow is my birthday, so I am headed to bed. I need my beauty rest! Hope everyone has a safe Saturday night.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Just to let everyone know, I will be deleting my myspace page. I will be starting a new one, but not any time soon. So check back here for the URL and I will do my best to track down all the people I can...thanks!

I'll keep writing here so you can always check back here if you want to hear me talk about cheese or douche bags. I'll keep all that ish flowing for sure :]


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just a Phase

It is incredible how the human body works. I’m amazed at how closely connected our emotions are with the rest of our body. And I don’t mean watery eyes or choked up words. I mean how your heart can ache. I mean how I can just be sitting in a damn chair, and it feels like the words in my head are playing my body like an instrument; strumming hard on my heart strings, tendons and ligaments, tapping my mind like a bass drum, hell, even playing my boobs like the bongos. My head was in the clouds on the way to work this morning. I don’t remember anything about my drive. But I could describe to you vividly every picture that was painted by the music pumping through my speakers. It’s a miracle I made it to work alive, really. I mean our hearts are there to pump blood right? It’s there to get the blood from point A to points B-Z of our body to keep us moving, one foot in front of the other, and one breath after the next. You wouldn’t think that it would even have the time to worry about what I’m worrying about. I suppose my heart was in flight or fight mode this morning. Working extra hard to keep that little roller coaster in my head moving in circles, shutting down the less important parts of me so energy could be sent to my feet and hands so I could drive. But my eyes didn’t see much and my ears didn’t hear anything but the music. And it was like my mind was staring and consumed with a version of Hightlights that was based on my life; analyzing over and over every detail and subtle difference of nearly the same fucking picture I see everyday, in hopes of finding all the answers. Pointless really. Someone ripped out the answers page. Fuck.

I’m beginning to lose faith that things happen for a reason. I’m having a hard time accepting the road that my life is going down. I guess I will have to learn to sleep at night knowing that I am doing the best I can with things. I guess I’ll have to stop thinking I can change things, situations or people. Things are what they are, and I can only do as much as I can. I wonder if there is a book at Borders that will teach me to tell my mind to stop being so consumed with it all, to tell my heart to stop worrying about sending in the reserves, and to stop “feeling” so much. I feel too much. And it hurts to feel this much. I want some melted cheese on something.

Friday, November 2, 2007

"Oh's long"

It is. My post, that is. You sluuuuts. It's been about a week since I did a real post on this thing. I feel ashamed. But I am making up for it with lots of goodies. I am writing this at night and I will put the finishing...touches *giggle* on it tomorrow morning and post.

How was everyone's Halloween? I went to Sacramento Saturday night to attend a Halloween shindig at a friends boyfriends bar. It was uber good times and I have never had so much fun sitting in one place for three hours. I thought I would go out on a limb and show you guys a few pics. Remember: the pictures below are for your entertainment only…they are NOT to be used for harassment purposes. That is unless you want to harass yourself into my pants. If that's the case, then, bring it. [Editor's note: I just wanted to say "editors note". Well, not really. Just wanted to say that I'm a broke ho, and we had to whip up a last minute costume for me, so the best thing we came up with was Johnny Knoxville. Well that's not true. Rachelle, aka "Flo", had me dressed up like a Harley Davidson Biker chick, with leather vest and all. I looked gay. I mean, gayer than KD Lang and Melissa Ethridge making out on a bed with "I <3 Shane" sheets with matching duvet cover, with Tegan and Sara playing in the background AND with Arlan watching and getting it all on video. I enjoy all things gay, but I went with Johnny Knoxville instead.]
< good times >

< /good times >

In other news. It's my birthday month!!! Ever since I was a little girl I have always celebrated my birthday month. I have birthday month rights, and when it's my birthday week, I will have birthday week rights. Deal with it. This means at any time I can shout out "It's my birthday month/week!" and you have to smile and pat me on the head. And if you lived with me, you'd find sticky notes EVERYWHERE reminding you and you'd be sure to get my birthday list in your email. It's just something I do, so love me for me. I will officially turn 23 on November 18th. I happen to share this birthday with my niece
Kennedy. She will be 3. Although I'm sure she will tell you she's 4. She's such a love.

Moving on...I just saw this video and I think you should watch it too. Umm, yeah. Lol
update: i was able to find another video that is actually available. so if you weren't able to watch now you can. k ima go eat breakfast.

My favorite part starts at -1:19. I think if I were ever to do karaoke, I'd do this version of this song. Hands down...

...your pants.

I think that was quite possibly the worst performance ever. Two questions: Umm why did people clap and cheer at the end? And second, why isn't this getting more attention?! Everyone and their mom (not my mom tho) was quick to tear apart Britney's performance and I have yet to hear anyone really talk about this performance. Maybe it's because this is such an utterly huge disaster. I mean, I don't think Amy Winehouse was even trying to pull it off. She was too far gone. I find humor in other people's embarassment.

So I went to the gym earlier [now last night] and I had a pretty good workout. It was much needed too because I had a long day. I didn't leave the office until 6 and didn't get home until 7. I know, ouch. Come rub me down? Anywho, I was at the gym and I thought it would be cool to get a personal trainer. So I called my mom and told her to scratch those sunglasses I wanted off her list and get me a personal trainer instead. She said "no". I said "ok, love you, I'm winded, bye". *click* So on the way out I decided to ask just how much it would cost to whip me into shape. I have some toning and losing fat I need to do, but I wont tell you all how much. The guy said it would take two months to get there and that it would cost...*drumroll*...$1300. I was sooo taken back by this figure. How does this guy sleep at night?! I can understand that much for like a huge life altering improvement to your body...but not for what I was looking to it for. Ugh. So Jess has to continue working out on her own and let's just hope I reach my goals by January. *reaches into bag of Doritos*

So, my friend Rachelle is coming this weekend to pay me a little visit so I might not be able to get you a post. But I have some stuff stashed away so check back. What is everyone doing this weekend? Tonight Rachelle is going to make me tater tot casserole and we are going to watch some movies. Then tomorrow I was thinking of doing a little thrift store shopping, maybe grab some lunch and then hit up the bars tomorrow night. So I hope everyone enjoy's their weekend! I was given some very good advice by a dear gay friend of mine and I thought I'd share it with you all.

Arlan says: "Breasts make everything better".


Kiss your girlfriends. Grab some ass. Break someone off. Drop a beat. Take a shot. Give me money. BE SAFE!