Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Your Daily Lesbian Moment Updates and Some Other News

For some freakish, crazy reason, the Your Daily Lesbian Moment myspace profile has been deleted. Arlan is waiting on hearing back from Myspace on what happened. But in the meantime she has started to rebuild @ www.myspace.com/yourdailylesbianmoment.

So technically it's not deleted, it just relocated. You should definitely run by and add her as a friend. Also be sure to add the official Your Daily Lesbian Moment Blog to your internet browser favorites, just in case. You can check out the story of what happened here:
Your Daily Lesbian Moment Blog

In other news, if you find real gay and lesbian news too dramatic you can check out
Fake Gay News for a funny twist on fake events. It's kinda like the Daily Show. Only. Gay. If you want real news you can always head to 365gay.com

Or you can head to my pants. Either way, you'll get some gay.

So yesterday sucked. I had a very long day and enjoyed just relaxing at home with a movie after work. I watched the movie The Ex with Amanda Peet and Zach Braff. It was good, but not as hilarious as I wanted or needed it to be. So I give it just one thumb up. And I say one because I had a free rental at Blockbuster so it was free. Not too shabby for free. FYI: I'm free. And also not too shabby. *wink wink*

To start Tuesday off right, let's sit down cross legged and braid eachothers hair and look at this:

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Oh my god. How did that get into my photobucket? well, it's gay. very gay. So that's probably why. God. What douchebags.

Okay lets try it again:

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Phew that's better :]

Happy Tuesdays...tomorrow is Wednesday. Start looking for your humping partner now! You don't wanna end up like me...eating cheese and watching Friends with ChloeFace NOT humping.



th-Inker said...

lol, so I take it you didn't receive enough humor from the dregs yesterday... I had stage fright and couldn't think of anything funny, my bad.

Sarah said...

ahh! i rented "the ex" the other night and i'm partially through it on dvd. random!

jescas said...

that is random.

you brought your randomness to the right place, lady.

wreckelite said...

you know, you are only a scant 6 hours west of me ;)
My futon's kinda lumpy but my bed's pretty smooth (as told by Alix Olson)