Monday, October 22, 2007

Tis the Season

I definitely want to try and go snowboarding this year. I have my own board and since I lived in the East for nearly 4 long ass years, I didn't have many chances to go. And I want to go wherever this is:


And the reason I want to go is because it looks like it gets great snow. That's all I'm really concerned about. The snow. Mmhmm.

I was sure to carefully examine the snow. I've identified some particularly interesting spots, that I will be sure to look out for on the hill. Because after all, I'm a professional and take it very very seriously.

Sleep tight on this Sunday sure to dream of shell top adidas and purdy ladies...



Lucia said...

Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand! Ski season just ended, unfortunately..

wreckelite said...

Those were very interesting spots or snow you pointed out!