Sunday, October 28, 2007


Real quick post. I just got home from Sac not too long ago and just wanted to say that I have the cutest dog on the face of this earth. Seriously, look for yourself:

I saw the school girls uniform and could not resist. She's such a love! In other news. I'm tired. Very tired. So I am off to get ready for bed and watch a little Friends. But I just had to get on here and show you guy's Chloe's costume :]

Hope you all have a good Sunday night and Monday morning! I leave you with one of my favorite episodes of friends. TOW Ross' Sandwich. He's so incredibly neurotic about his sandwich, it reminds me of myself.



wreckelite said...

Chloe is a cutie in her little uniform, is she a Min-Pin?

jescas said...

well technically she is half min-pin, half cuteness.

she's my sidekick :]

i need to get her a cape next

Elizabeth James said...

MY SANDWICH?! You threw away MY SANDWICH?!!! Hahahaha, I love Friends!

Anonymous said...

holy hell! i just felt an earthquake in cen cal! i know you live in san jose and thats where the news said it was at . . . did you and your pooch make it through alright?


jescas said...

yeah me and ChloeFace are fine. we just both got up and went to the doorway and stood there till it was over. lol...

i tried to remember what was the protocol for an earthquake.

first i thought: "bathtub!" then i was like "oh wait...thats for a hurricane"

then i remembered the doorway. :]

thanks for your concern! we feel loved