Thursday, October 18, 2007


Okay my loves, I've been busy. I take full responsibility for neglecting you and want you to know that I APPRECIATE YOU. And all that you do. I have to make this quick because you see, mama's gotta bring home the bacon. And when I say mama I mean the piece of ass you should be tapping DAILY, NIGHTLY and EVER-SO-RIGHTLY. And when I say bacon, I mean...bacon. Extra crispy. I don't do it limp.

Here's the good news: I have time tonight for a new post. BUT I'm going to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien before, that way I have something juicy to write about. Anyone seen it? I heard its pretty raunchy.

Today's post comes loaded with Tegan and Sara. They just did a vid for one of my favorite songs. Feast your eyes on "The Con" and let me know what you think.

Other tidbits for the day:
-Eat cheese
-Keep abreast of the latest
Email me. Ask me questions, tell me about your day, show me pics of your know, whatevs.
-Most importantly: smile.

Alright ladies and some gents...have a good day, and be gentle tonight would ya'?



Audio Taco said...

i love that song so much- probably my fav. off of the record. that scene in the bathtub is really disturbing.

Samara said...

I love Tegan and Sara so much and I love their new album and this song and this video and I have a huge crush on Tegan :)

th-Inker said...

goddess save me i love them soo freakin mucho. The only thing that would have made that vid better is if she was wearing a "Arlan is my homogirl" t-shirt. I would have peed my pants most definitely.