Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm weird AND This Post is Indeed Random

Umm I just wanted to post and tell you all just how weird I am. Don't hate. Appreciate

-I like to eat macaroni with tortilla chips. Wanna know why? Because the cheese and chips reminds me of nachos. Then throw in there a little pasta...and well, it's a good night.
-Along the same lines, I like to eat spaghettios with a flour tortilla. Now I have no idea why, but it tastes good.
-I noticed the other day that I like to keep my bath stuff in the same spot in the shower. Not sure if this would be considered nuerotic or what, but I like having all my stuff in their "spots".
-You will also notice that I dont like to finish the ends of my drinks. It's been my experience that the very ends of drinks are nasty. They are either watered down with spit or with the melted ice. Ew. Who wants to taste that? Not I. Not I.
-I eat meticulously. Since I was a kid, for some reason, I always end up with a little bit of everything at the end of my meal. A bite of corn, mashed potatoes, and say, meatloaf. I guess my mind is trying to prepare a "good last bite". But problem is, there is always a little too much of everything to fit it all on my spoon/fork. So I end up breaking it up anyways. I'm freaking you out huh?
-Cool thing though the second to last bite is always the best. And if you ever eat with me, and for some weird reason feed eachother, I'll always share the second to last bite because it's always the best.
-When I use the volume on the tv I like to keep the volume level on even numbers. I can't quite figure out why this is. I think it's because I feel like odd numbers are negative numbers.

Okay. That's enough of now. I can feel people judging me already. But I just thought I would share a little bit of myself.

Ummm I saw this pic today and a bunch of things came into my head. And I thought I would share. It shows just how gay I can be.

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1. Anyone else notice the giant vagina in the background?
2. The second girl from the left is soooo holding the girl to her left's hand. Mhmm. They're so doin' it.
3. The girl on the very right is so a top.
4. This could so be a gay cingular commercial.
5. I totally spotted L Word characters when looking at this. From left to right.
-Alice. Because she looks kind of bi.
-Shane. Duh.
-Jenny. The bitch looks crazy.
-Phyllis. She's obviously the oldest one of the bunch. Which totally explains the socks with the shoes. I mean, that's sooooo 1940. It's 1942.
- Marina. She's tall, she's mammoth, she has a foreign...ahem..."tongue" and she'll tear.your.shit.up.

Hope you enjoyed my 1940's L Word cast. It's Friday. Go drink. Be merry. Drive safe.

***the opinions about the photo in the post are solely MY opinion. don't even THINK about emailing me and saying some shit like "the first girl soooooo doesn't look like alice". i don't care, shut your face. <----said with love.




arlan said...

i *heart* this post.

wreckelite said...

Everyone has their quirks. And I think your are cute. With the TV volume, It has to either be on an even number or some multiple of 5 same goes for my stereo volume lol
no matter what sort of meal I'm eating. I have to eat one item at a time, I can't take bites of the other stuff till it's "their" turn. hehehe

th-Inker said... I know why I liked you so much. lol, it makes total sense now. So.. I can't stand it when my food touches. I like those paper plates with the little walls that divide up the appropriate proportions so that there is no co-mingling going on...heaven. Macaroni and tortillas is alright, but have you tried it with fritos?....mmmm

I feel you on the even+five thing wrecklite. My friend is like that, and she used to always have it at 15...until I pointed out that 15 is odd. She got so pissed at me cause now the tv is blasting all the time...

Caitlin said...

This world is in need of more neurotic people. I knew there was a reason I liked you. Although in my life spaghettios go on a piece of bread to be eaten like a sandwich.

RavenNation said...

Would it freak you out if I told you I love you? Cause I do. Seriously, mac & cheese and tortilla chips is amazing, but you already knew that.

Chelsea said...

wow I do the EXACT same thing with the volume on the TV. it has to be on even numbers, always. I eat real meticulously too xD

Allison said...

This is so awesome. =)