Friday, October 19, 2007

Dave, Dave, Dave....David.

Anyone know where my title is from? If so, I'll send you a lollipop :]

So I didn't have time like I thought I would last night to get a post up. It really is funny how time flies by. I am finding more and more that there isn't enough time in my day. I have been getting home a little later because traffic lately has been hellish. Even when I have carpool lane it's bad. And you know what sucks about traffic? The fact I get caught next to a douche bag. Normally I try to keep my douche bag exposure time to a minimum because being near them is damaging and it hurts me. I wish I had one of those chemical showers. You know the ones you run under and pull the handle on if you get chemicals on you? They had them in science class. I wish I had them to wash all the douche bag off me. Normally, in traffic I love blowing by their lonely asses in the regular lanes. In their pompous Audi Coupes with their Bluetooth headsets probably talking to their mom's about whether or not they are going to make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies this year. Losers.

So I tried watching Y Tu Mama Tambien and I didn't get through it. I wasn’t in a subtitle mood. I normally LOVE foreign movies like The Red Violin and Maria Full of Grace (two of my favorites) but I couldn't do it. I have actually seen the last half of this movie, which is why I was quick to turn it off when I realized. I got a little lost in music after that. Then showered and turned on some Scrubs. It was a pretty boring night. I was uber tired.

Some of you might not know this about me, but I love Dave Matthews. I know, I know, some of you don't and utterly despise him. BUT, I love him lyrically. And musically. And physically. MMM yes. So I thought I'd share a song :]

Below is the American Baby Intro. I usually put this on when I need some sort of "out". Check it out and let me know what you think.

***I couldn't find this one on youtube so it's through myspace. I'm not sure if everyone can view it. IF you can't and don't have an account….what's wrong with you?! Get one here

american baby intro-dmb

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Wasn't that nice? Yes. I know. It was. I felt it too.

If you guys are hopeless romantics, like muah, then check out lyrics to some of my favorite Dave songs. I think that we all are lucky to feel this way about someone at least ONCE in our lives. And if it doesn't last, I think it's better to have experienced it than not at all. So be thankful, bitches.

My all time favorite is one that later became "Satellite". It's called "After Her". It's played to the same tune, but with different lyrics. I've known about and listened to this song for years and I still get goosebumps.

1. After Her
2. Say Goodbye
3. Break Free
4. Dream Girl
5. So Right

Okay that is going to have to wrap up this Friday post. I am hungry. Anyone got some bacon or cheese? Damn.

Happy Friday!



Anonymous said...

I make a mean bacon and cheese scrambled eggs. I never perfected the art of omlette making so I just say screw it ans scramble em. The secret is to add a splash of milk.

jescas said...

ahhh I see...

you do fluffy eggs :] the milk makes 'em all fluffy.

your recipe sounds delightful.

FedEx me a sample?

no? okay. :\

th-Inker said...

Dave is good. Even for those punks who say they dont like him, they can't factually say he's not a good musician....freaks

Anyway, doesn't it suck how all those really good movies get lumped into "foreign" just cause they're made outside of this crazy ass place? Like there isn't drama and action in other countries. I'd expect that much from the likes of Lackluster video, but even netflix does it, and that's not cool. I guess it's part of U.S. vs. them mentality.

ps. If you or anyone reading this uses netflix, lets be friends =D..on netflix that is. not that I don't wanna be rl friends, but we gotta start somewhere right?

Anonymous said...


Oh sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.

I understand and share your love of cheese, Jess, but this fondness for DMB is just wrong. I may have to force you to listen to nothing but Motorhead; maybe that will cure you. At the very least, you'll walk away with a hankering for whisky, cocaine, and slutty metal chicks.

Anonymous said...

Hmm your title...I know you have Dave Matthews on there but is it from a movie? Like Independence Day? Oh and it's Kelley

jescas said...

It's not from a movie...

It's from a show.

:] I'm not gonna tell you. And I was serious when I said I am going to send a lollipop to the person who figures it out!