Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hairs on my head

SOOOO how's everyone? Wow I had a long day. I am in desperate need of a drink! A yummy long beach iced tea will do me juuuust fine. I am so glad that my day is almost over. Going to go to Cheesecake Factory grab some food and then head over and grab a drink.

OH! After work I got my hair done. I chopped a lot of it off and darkened it up quite a bit. And it was so funny the lady next to me was either drunk or on some sort of drug. She was slurring her speech and at one point she said "I normally wear a size zero....*inaudible*...but like....*slurred speech* some reason, the wedding dress is A eight...I just don't even know..." All I had to say to this was "Riiiiiiight. Bitch must be crazy." BUT I was able to get in a little photo session with my baby girl before I hit the streets tonight.....enjoy your nights!




arlan said...

hair cut = hot and flattering.

doggie = super cute

dyke fingers = DYKE!

Brenna said...

Your hair is wicked cute! So is Chloe's lil tongue. I'm so jealous that you went to Cheesecake Factory. Did you get that yummy thing I got last time?

What's with the gang sign? I hope it's not some lesbian reference I should know, because then I'm a dyke-failure.

keira said...

nice, what the other two said. hotte hair

winter said...

how come our food took forever at cheesecake again?? someone please explain this to me! i! at least that shit was free. thanks steve! um...yeah. i should say something about the hair now. and i won't use the word hot. ahem. i will use the words fetching..and foxy. mmhmm. fetching and foxy.

p.s. don't go flashing "the fingers". you dirrty dirrty.

Kae said...

Gorgeous hair!

keira said...

I had to look at that picture twice to realize you're taking it with your Mac.... hilarious. =D