Sunday, September 23, 2007

FACE? Yes....I'm the OG Face.

Hello Ladies. It's about that time for an update since it's been FOREVER since I posted. Don't be disappointed though!

What I'm listening to right now: The love that I crave - The Blow
How my day was: Awesome. I did almost nothing and it was perfect.
Highlight of my day: I spent about an hour cuddling with Chloe. I love her smell.
Lowlight of my day: I hate Target on the weekends.
One thing you probably didn't know about me: I love the word FACE. I use it all the time. I attach it to other words, and I always say it a little differently when I use it in a sentence with other words. I call Chloe "FACE". OR ChloeFace. I'm just a Face. My loved ones all have Faces that I love. You'll find me asking them "How's your face?". I'm weird.

Moving on...

So I haven't posted since Thursday, so to make up for it, I took more pics. I grabbed the love of my life (Chloe) and turned on the webcam. I am pretty sure she is sick of having her pic taken but she's going to have to just deal with it. Oh and by the way, she is totally wearing a tie. I swear to god shes the dog version of Ellen.

And can you believe I haven't seen a douche bag all weekend? I can't believe it. OH WAIT. I take that back. I saw an Italian shoe douche at Cheesecake. Damn it. I thought it was quite possible that I hadn't. OH and this coming weekend I am going to be in LA visiting my grandma and catching the Terra Naomi show. Check out some of Terra's songs on mybreast. I mean on myspace. Gosh. Sorry about that. My minds in the gutter. Well...not just my mind, my whole damn body.

K kiddies...I end this post with:
"You remember the route to her heart from her thighs" *Ahem* Hot.

Now you just think about that.

Perky boobies to you all!



Super said...

ah, hating target?
you should come to my target, i'll take care of you and walk you around the store and get you whatever you need, as long as it keeps me from having to actually do work :]

Anonymous said...

its jen- Mon$trosity-you know all of myself is usually in the gutter, i sometimes find myself saying the totally wrong word, like for instance, "Hold on a sec, let me finger.....err.... figure this where was my mind on that one"!!

jescas said...

hey i find myself doing the same thing. i try to keep it in most of the time, but sometimes it just...slips out!

i feel ya on that one.

charlie said...

hahaha i work at target...the third shift...but target sucks at any time of the day or week.

Anonymous said...

I love your face!!!

Kae said...

Omg.. so my nickname has been Cuteface (only to my friend Emma) since like forever and a day. Sooo crazy.

Can I call you Jesface? Just for kicks?

Anonymous said...

I have a rather dirty mind myself yet I can usually keeo from saying what I'm thinking. Yet my mind suprises me sometime. Someone will say something totally benign then all of a sudden something extremely naughty pops into my head. All I can do is bite my tongue and shake my head in wonder at the way my brain works. If i didn't work with kids and have to had to train myself to watch what I say my thoughts would probably slip out verbally a lot more.