Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Talk slow to me love...

I've got somemusic pouring in my ears cuz it's one of those nights where I can't sleep and feel incredibly bored. It's like my eyes are searching for something good to look at and can't find anything satisfying. Now I'm left thinking how I should have enjoyed more the good I HAD seen tonight. Bleh. My mind's just sitting here racing, thinking of my life's "this and that's" AND about that little old Asian lady that did one of those fast "oh my god get your dog away from me" walks past Chloe this afternoon. She did it like she was some sort of pit bull or something. Jesus Christ lady....shes like a foot tall. And wearing a tie. Cue angry confused face.

My next couple of days are going to be kind of busy. I had an incredibly busy WORK day today. But the next few will be busy AFTER work. I have lots of packing to do because I am going to LA this weekend. I am going to visit my grandma, hang out with Arlan and go to the Terra Naomi show. It's been a while since I've seen my grandma so it will be nice. Also the last time I saw her I was straight...haha. So it'll be interesting.

OH and oh my god can we talk about SON?! Stop reading now if you don't want any spoilers. So! Last episode ended with Spencer showing up at Ashley's place in nothing but a trench coat and heels. All this comes after Ashley was a fucking great ex girlfriend and got Spencer's mom to go to Pride to support Spencer. Spencer realizes how fucking awesome Ashley is for doing this and how much Ashley has changed. All this time Ashley has realized how Spencer is the girl for her. Insert sigh here _____. AHHH! I was so excited when I saw that damn trench coat hit the floor. Damn Spencer is hot...and not to mention the patent leather pumps? Good call Spence. Does this mean the rebirth of Spashley? And most importantly, can we move this show to Showtime so they can show Ashley get at Spencer? Preferably up against a wall, or on a table? Or my bed? I just washed the sheets. That would be awesome. Screw Christmas presents, that's all I want.

Here are some awesome screen shots: [Let's just all hold hands and look together]


Good point. I was thinking the SAME thing....

I couldn't agree more...*nodding*

Bitch better be smiling.

Now wasn't that nice? It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Come cuddle? Sweet. I'll leave the door unlocked. Can't promise Chloe won't bark tho :|

On that note I leave with a list of songs I can't stop playing! Enjoy:

Klaxons - Golden Skans
M.I.A. - Come Around (feat. Timbaland)
Tegan & Sara - I know, I know, I know and Speak Slow
Rooney - When did your heart go missing
The Chalets - Nightrocker
Under the Influence of Giants - Lay me down
YACHT - See a penny

Goodnight ladies,



winter said...

*pees* ha! finally... :]

jescas said...

haha...first one :]

Noha said...

Um, you're hot.

Wait, was that not what this post was supposed to be about? My bad.

I say we roleplay, you can be spencer and I can be ashley.
-starts saying like a lot-

Yep, we can pull this off. Into the trenchcoat you go.

k, now out of it.

Ima want screenshots of this later, too. Just fyi.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love SON. I concur with moving to to showtime so we can see some real action. I'd love to come cuddle with you while watching it.

RavenNation said...

I watched that scene so many times. So hot...

Right, back to reality. SON should definitely be moved to Showtime. I wanna see some Spashley action.

Brenna said...

Ya, that scene was pretty much amazing. I watched it like 27 times. In fact, I think I'm about to watch it again.

Kae said...

Oh - Em - Gee

I saw the episode and I was like *jaw drop*. In a happy way!

I totally vote for the Showtime move ;)

keira said...

i just got tix to see the Klaxons next week !! yay